General Studies, Entrepreneurship & Awareness

Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

National Diploma students in Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Accountancy, Computer Science, Statistics, Business Administration and Management in their first year of the programme are, as part of practical knowledge acquisition, required to participate in a three-month Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES); this shall form part of the semester evaluation. Also, at the end of the programme, all graduating students must undertake industrial training programme (industrial attachment) which lasts for a minimum of one academic calendar.

SIWES is part of the academic programme and therefore students’ performance will be evaluated and graded accordingly. Any student who earns a failed grade in assessment, or who failed to participate in SIWES, or was dismissed by the primary employer during the programme, or who displayed attitude capable of undermining the essence of the programme and integrity of the Polytechnic, will be directed to repeat the programme. 

General Studies Unit

The General Studies Unit is in charge of General Studies courses in the Polytechnic. It services all programmes, departments and schools in the Polytechnic. All students are expected to take several General Studies courses in the course of their studies. Such courses include: Use of English, Citizenship Education, Economics, Communication skills, General Science, among others

Entrepreneurship Unit

The goal of this unit is to expose students to, and also equip them with, entrepreneurship skills and outlook. This will help students to think like job creators and not only like job seekers. Courses, workshops, lectures, seminars and practical skill-acquisition sessions are organised for all students of the polytechnic by this Unit.

Awareness Studies Unit

The Awareness Studies Unit aims at stimulating and developing awareness, attitudes, ideals and values within students, in line with the Grundtvigian ideal of educating students, not just to make a living, but to live a life. 

Courses, lectures, seminars, events and activities are organised by this unit to promote values such as active citizenship, democracy, critical thinking, cultural awareness, self-confidence, initiative, resourcefulness, cooperative spirit, lifelong learning, among others. The Unit also aims at promoting genuine fellowship among staff and students. 




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