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Schools Across the World

The Grundtvig Polytechnic is a residential tertiary institution. It is owned by the Grundtvig Movement of Nigeria (GMN), a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) registered by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the land (Perpetual Succession) Act Cap. 98. It is inspired by our traditional education and the Education for Life philosophy of Bishop N.F.S. Grundtvig of Denmark after whom the school is named. The idea of The Grundtvig Polytechnic was conceived by the founder of Grundtvig Movement of Nigeria (GMN), Dr. Kachi E. Ozumba (1942-2011). The Polytechnic is part of an international network of Grundtvig-inspired schools across the world. 

On 18th February 2019, following a prior rigorous resource inspection by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Grundtvig Polytechnic received the approval of the Honourable Minister of Education which was conveyed in a formal letter by NBTE’s Executive Secretary, Dr M. A. Kazaure. The Operating Licence was later formally presented to Grundtvig Polytechnic by the Minister at a ceremony in Abuja on 29th April, 2019.



  • In the promotion of technical education, capable of producing self-reliant and skilled individuals who can contribute to our national development and technological advancement.

  • In “Education for Life”: education that equips students to live lives useful and satisfactory to themselves, to their communities and to the nation.

  • That the criterion of success of higher institutions should NOT be the number of students certified, but the number of graduates living lives useful and satisfactory to themselves, to their community and to the nation.

  • That total educational success involves not only the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge, but also ethics, values, aptitudes and attitudes.

  • That every person can succeed given the opportunity, right environment and approach. 

  • That the concept of “School for Life” as developed by N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872), the great Danish educationist, can contribute positively towards our national development.